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Today’s lesson – “A/An”

“A” y “an” son artículos indefinidos en español.

Se utilizan delante de sustantivos contables singulares para indicar que el sustantivo se refiere a cualquier miembro de un grupo general, y no a uno específico.

La elección entre “a” y “an” depende del sonido al principio del sustantivo que le sigue.

Utilice “a” delante de sustantivos que empiecen con un sonido consonántico:

  • a cat
  • a dog
  • a book
  • a tree
  • a university

Utiliza “an” delante de sustantivos que empiecen por un sonido vocálico:

  • an apple
  • an egg
  • an hour
  • an umbrella
  • an orange

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Ten en cuenta que no es la letra la que determina si se utiliza “a” o “an”, sino el sonido que hace la letra.

Por ejemplo, se utiliza “an” antes de “hour” porque la “h” es muda y la palabra empieza con un sonido vocálico.

También es importante tener en cuenta que, en algunos casos, la elección entre “a” y “an” puede depender de diferencias regionales o dialectales en la pronunciación.


“A” changes to “an” before any word beginning with a vowel sound.

a book – a man – a woman – a hotel
an apple – an orange – an umbrella – an hour


Instructions: Complete the following sentences with “a” or “an”.
  1. She is eating ___ apple.
  2. He wants to buy ___ new car.
  3. I have ___ idea for a project.
  4. We saw ___ elephant at the zoo.
  5. She is listening to ___ album by her favorite band.
  6. He needs ___ umbrella because it’s raining outside.
  7. I have ___ older brother who lives in another city.
  8. We need ___ oven to bake the cake.
  9. She is reading ___ interesting book about history.
  10. He has ___ interview for a job tomorrow.
  11. She needs ___ new pair of shoes for the party.
  12. He bought ___ expensive watch for his anniversary.
  13. I had ___ amazing time on my vacation.
  14. We saw ___ airplane flying over the city.
  15. She wants to be ___ actress when she grows up.
  16. He is wearing ___ green sweater today.
  17. I have ___ appointment with my doctor tomorrow.
  18. We need ___ invitation to attend the wedding.
  19. She is drinking ___ cup of coffee in the morning.
  20. He has ___ degree in computer science.

Answers: 1-an, 2-a, 3-an, 4-an, 5-an, 6-an, 7-an, 8-an, 9-an, 10-an, 11-a, 12-an, 13-an, 14-an, 15-an, 16-a, 17-an, 18-an, 19-a, 20-a.

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