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Today’s lesson – “to be” – present tense – Negatives and Questions.
Negative form:

To make a negative sentence with “to be,” the word “not” is added after the verb. Here are some examples:

I am not funny.
You are not bad.
He/she/it is not hungry.
We are not in a hurry.
They are not friendly.

In short form, “not” is usually contracted with “to be” as follows:

I‘m not happy.
You aren’t tall.
He/she/it isn’t hungry.
We aren’t tired.
They aren’t friendly.

Question form:

To form a question with “to be,” the verb is inverted with the subject. In other words, the subject comes after the verb. Here are some examples:

Am I happy?
Are you tall?
Is he/she/it hungry?
Are we tired?
Are they friendly?

In short form, “to be” and the subject are usually contracted as follows:

Am I happy? -> I’m happy?
Are you tall? -> You’re tall?
Is he/she/it hungry? -> He’s/she’s/it’s hungry?
Are we tired? -> We’re tired?
Are they friendly? -> They’re friendly?

En general, formar las formas negativa e interrogativa de “to be” es relativamente sencillo. Sólo tienes que acordarte de añadir “not” después del verbo para las frases negativas e invertir el sujeto y el verbo para las preguntas.

Exercise 1. Rewrite the following sentences using the negative form of "to be."

Example: She is happy. -> She is not happy.

    1. I am happy.
    2. You are amazing.
    3. He is tall.
    4. We are friends.
    5. They are funnyy.
    6. It is cold outside.
    7. She is a doctor.
    8. You and I are classmates.
    9. The dog is my family.
    10. They are from Mexico.

Answers: 1. I am not hungry. 2 You are not tired. 3 He is not tall. 4 We are not friends. 5 They are not happy. 6 It is not cold outside. 7 She is not a doctor. 8 You and I are not classmates. 9 The dog is not friendly. 10 They are not from Canada. ( Short forms 

Exercise 2. Rewrite the following sentences as questions using "to be."

Example: I am happy. -> Am I happy?

  1. You are my friend.
  2. He is a teacher.
  3. We are late.
  4. They are at the mall.
  5. It is raining outside.
  6. She is from France.
  7. You and I are in the same class.
  8. The cat is sleeping on the couch.
  9. The book is on the table.
  10. The flowers are beautiful.

Answers: 1 Are you my friend? 2 Is he a teacher? 3 Are we late? 4 Are they at the mall? 5 Is it raining outside? 6 Is she from France? 7 Are you and I in the same class? 8 Is the cat sleeping on the couch? 9 Is the book on the table? 10 Are the flowers beautiful?

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